R. L. Gaggar


As a solicitor firm, we feel immense pleasure in dealing with the Jain Group. It is because of their transparency & clarity in all legal affairs that has helped create their impeccable reputation and excellent credibility.


Avik Saha


My firm Saha & Ray has been the legal advisors at various instances for the various projects of the Jain Group. In my dealings with the principal officers of the group, I have always found them to be focused in their vision and oriented towards their goal . They have worked very hard to build a brand which delivers value to customers.


Sanjiv J. Parekh

Structural Consultant

It is a great experience to work with the Jain Group. It is their professionalism, vision and the emphasis on quality that makes them outstanding.


Sudhir Sinha

President & COO, Best Western Hotel

The excellent credentials of the Jain Group encouraged us to enter into a partnership with this group. During our association we have observed this group to be fundamental in their thoughts and firm in their beliefs. This further ensured our decision in making the business dealings with them.


Sanjay Puri


We feel immense pleasure and pride to be associated with the Jain Group for such a long period of time. This association has been possible because of the transparency, and professionalism, and the kind of cooperation that is always given to us whenever required. We look forward to continue this alliance in the future. We wish the group all good luck for its all future prospects.


Raj Agarwal


As an architectural consultancy house, it is really a delightful experience working with the Jain Group, as they strongly uphold values of quality construction work, coupled with innovative technology and modernity. The Group\'s rapid expansion bears ample testimony to their ingrained virtues of aiming at nothing short of excellence.


Mr. Sushil Chamaria

CEO, Marketing Company

We are associated with the Jain Group for the purpose of marketing their real estate projects. In our capacity as a marketing firm we are constantly in contact with the customers. This provides us with vital feedback on how the Group is viewed overall. And the response has always been positive. We are proud to be associated with this firm.


Pawan Agarwal

Director, NK Realtors

We have been marketing properties for more than 30 developers in Kolkata over the last 17 years and it is our great pleasure to be associated with such a high end property of Jain Group which has got a very huge product value. The speed with which most of the apartments at Dream Palazzo, Dream Exotica and Dream Eco City were sold is really remarkable.