Online Property Portals are becoming more and more efficient in providing potential buyers with relevant information

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A Virtual Helpdesk: Online Property Portals And Their Advantages

We all dream of getting our hands on the much awaited dream apartment some day. But buying a home, right from its inception to finishing with the registration process is strenuous. From looking for a suitable location to affordable pricing, apartment hunting comprises of multiple tasks which often become difficult given the multitude of advertisements in newspapers and magazines.

In an age where everything is available for purchase online, there is no reason why information about property should be restricted to newspapers. Online property portals are places from where you can gather significant information about a property and check out its various features right from your home. The clear advantages of online property portals are:

  • Properties are clearly categorized on the basis of their price, location, amenities and other parameters.
  • These portals often offer advice to potential buyers regarding property buying decisions. Buyers single-handedly busy with property purchases can depend on such sound advice.
  • Most of these portals offer helpful tools such as rate comparison potential of the location, possible appreciation, financial options etc. Many buyers are not very well versed with these aspects of property purchase so viewing property details online ensures that all this information is secured beforehand.

One of the primary benefits of such portals is that information provided in these portals is verified. So people looking up for property details can begin with a reliable base. Two other important benefits of such portals is that NRIs can look up for potential property investments using these portals as they can assure themselves of getting reliable information and potential buyers can depend on feedback from existing customers regarding a particular residential property.

Like many real estate companies, The Jain Group also believes in the transparency of online property portals and many of our properties are listed on such websites, making it easier for potential buyers to take a detailed look at our projects and proceed to the next step. Here are some of the portals where buyers can look at The Jain Group’s dream projects and make their choice.




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