Customer Referral

Corporate Governance

The Jain Group is an equal opportunity employer which fosters a conducive work environment and provides everyone within the organization the chance to grow and achieve his or her career objectives. We strongly feel that the members of Jain Group Family are our biggest assets. Professional excellence within a spirit of teamwork is encouraged. Regular training on management and leadership empower the managers to perform to their full potential.


The Group and all the people working have one common value imbibed in them right from the beginning. They understand that they are enablers of Dreams and have to work towards fulfilling every customers Dream. With this mission in mind, the entire Group works in a cohesive atmosphere striving to achieve results which bring smiles across faces.
The Group has rigid ethical codes in place and expects every employee to perform with highest levels of integrity.
Transparent business practices help implement our corporate strategies with resounding success.


The Jain Group has adopted a highly competitive strategy to stay ahead of competitors. We believe in being the best in our class and leave no stone unturned to achieve that. High level of product planning is fundamental to the phenomenal success we have witnessed in the last few years. Once a product is planned, the product is positioned using scientifically captured market data. The design team is assisted with an R&D team which presents newer and better ways to execute projects.

Health & Safety

At the Jain Group we are concerned with the Safety procedures and proper work Environment for our workers at project sites. Our focus on Environmental, Health and Safety conditions manages risk and compliance in operations.