Facilities That Make Jain Group Properties The No.1 Choice

The contemporary urban lifestyle demands a home which is a lot more than a warm, pleasing and invigorating refuge. It should be an integrated unit of a residential complex offering the best of amenities for an enriched life.

According to Prakriti Sharma, an investment banker, “a home should be a perfect abode of happiness.” That’s why she has always emphasized on the part of choosing an excellent locality and a residential society with maximum amenities. No wonder, why Jain Group properties are so popular among the potential home buyers in the city.  

Moreover, there’s an ever increasing stress of a demanding work schedule. As it takes a toll on the health and well being, home buyers look for properties like  Jain Group  that are thoughtfully designed to offer a healthy and active life.  

Let’s take a look what people mostly prefer the properties of Jain Group.

Sports and Recreation Zone

Life is indeed boring without sports. Going for some quick rounds of table tennis or gliding in the skating rink is truly rejuvenating after a hectic day. A sports arena offering the conveniences of indoor games like fuss-ball, carom, pool or squash is an added advantage. Lately, a lot of real estate companies in Kolkata are offering sports zone as an amenity of the residential projects.  Many plush properties in the heart of the city also offer lavish recreational provisions like cricket pitch, badminton, basketball, and football courts.

Gym and Fitness Clubs

There’s a rising trend among the homebuyers to choose properties that have in-house gym or club-house facilities. People, these days are aware about the benefits of health and fitness these days. Nothing can actually beat the stress of a hectic day other than a good workout. Having a gym in the residential premises gives dwellers the conveniences of using it as per their timings. Moreover, it saves precious commuting time that would require if the dwellers have to travel in the other areas for daily workout sessions. These days most of the high-end residential projects come with gym and clubhouse facilities.

Lush Green Landscapes

Green landscapes in the residential premises offer a pleasing visual treat. But its real value is way more substantial than simply gratifying the aesthetics of a project. A well maintained landscape inside the premises offers tremendous health benefits to the dwellers. Having a green lawn in the residential premises offer enough space for regular exercise. Nowadays, many housing projects have organic gardens where the residents can grow fresh fruits and vegetables, thus having the advantage of eating pure, self-grown foods.

Children’s Play Area

Having a separate play area for the children increases the property value to a large extent. Unlike the big villas with private gardens, contemporary apartments do not have any special are for gardening. Quite obviously, the movement of kids are restricted. However, the luxurious residential complexes of the recent times have a common play area for the children.  Here, your kid can meet other kids of their age and play safely. It not only boosts their social development, but also let them   enjoy quality time of their own. For a modern buyer, a kids’ play area will always be a determining factor while buying a residential property.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are certainly a delightful place to spend time with friends and family members.  Moreover, it’s one of the best low-impact exercises that help you achieve your fitness goals without sacrificing your social life.

Nowadays, smart homes are thoughtfully designed keeping the buyers’ needs in mind. However, as a buyer, you must always check the facilities available before booking a residential property.

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